The Attached Warranty Deed by Jong I Woo of 51 Old Bridge Road, Brookfield, Conn, states as follows:  “For the consideration of Four Hundred Sixty-nine Thousand dollars (as part of an IRC Section 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange . . . .”  An IRC Section 1031 sound like an income tax form.  I don’t believe Frank Grisanti ever paid for the property.  Frank Grisanti allegedly used my property to borrow money from the banks to invest money into an IRC Section 1031 Tax Deferred exchange.  Frank Grisanti was in hiding because he was borrowing money without owning property.  Frank Grisanti gave an address of 1060 75th St. Brooklyn, New York.  I went there to 1060 75 ST. and the occupants were living there for 42 years.  This is Mail Fraud and forgery.

When Jong I. Woo bought the property the cost was $ 283,000.00.  On February 20, 2001,  Attorney Ronald Japha of the law firm of Gordon and Scalo reported to Judge Mottolese that there was two Federal Tax Liens on the property.  Notice of Federal Tax Lien Vol. 1639 Page 076 $19, 866.29 recorded  Oct. 4, 1996 and Notice of Federal Tax Lien Vol. 1905, Page 297, $5,068.56.  The Certificate of Tax Lien Vol. 3756 Page 108 Release Date of May 07, 2006.

The Forged Warranty Deed was signed on August 15, 2002, the release of Federal Tax Lien May 07, 2006 for $19,855.29 and $5,068.56.  Almost 3 years and 5 Months later, they couldn’t have gotten title to the property by Forgery.  See last line for plain and simple language explanation.

Authority on Forgery Milton H. Friedman, Contracts and Conveyances of Real Property. “The importance lies in the fact that an innocent purchaser for value obtains good title through a deed obtained by Fraud, but nothing from a forged deed.”  See Shepherd v. First Am Mortgage Co., 347 S.E. 2d 117 (S.C. app. 1986) “Any alteration of a deed by erasure or substitution of the name of the grantee is a material alteration and forgery just as in an unauthorized signing of the grantor’s name.”

Jong I. Woo and Frank Grisanti forged the deed, then they paid the tax lien on the property at 4 Beaver Brook Lane, Fairfield, Conn (THEY NEVER ACQUIRED TITLE TO THE PROPERTY BY FORGERY)  Woo and Grisanti should have paid the tax lien first and then forged the deed.  They would have acquired the title by fraud.  I (Francis Palumbo) would then have to quiet title to get the property back.  (They get absolutely nothing by forgery).  I presently own the property.

I was paying home insurance to Liberty Mutual Insurance, and I went to their office and told them that I was paying the mortgage to HomeSide Lending.  My insurance company told me if you are paying the mortgage to HomeSide Lending then go back onto your property.  Officer Pauciello came to the property, and told me the property was sold.  I told him that I was paying the mortgage.  Officer Pauciello had said let’s go and talk to your brother.  Robert Palumbo came out of the house, Officer Pauciello said; does your brother Francis own the property?  Robert Palumbo said; “He thinks he owns the property.”

In 2003 my father called me to com to Conway South Carolina.  My father had said I heard that they sold the property.  I own the property and I am paying the mortgage and home insurance to Liberty Mutual Insurance.  My Father called Home Side Lending, they told him that I owned the property.  My Father called Peter Palumbo, who told Peter Palumbo that I own the property.  Peter Palumbo hung up the phone and never spoke to his father again.  My Father died on November 1, 2003.  I didn’t know that he died, I called Sargent Merit of the Conway Police Department on November 6, 2003, who was attending a funeral, it was my Father’s funeral.  On November 28, 2003 returned to Conway, South Carolina, Peter Palumbo was hiding at the Golf Course.

You would never expect the Fairfield Police and my brother Robert Palumbo to know this, Officer James Pauciello arrested me for trespassing Under Adverse Possession laws I had the right to be on tdhe property for fifteen years.  Also under Adverse Possession laws Frank Grisanti and Jean Zygmunt have to be on the property for fifteen years. without interruption.  Frank Grisanti was off the property for several years in 2014 and 2015.  I had been on the property in 2015, twice that year.

I am going through the same situation again with James Pauciello who stole my records from my safe deposit box with Peter Palumbo, and again he has made the same mistake.

Officer Pauciello  and Peter Palumbo had stolen records out of my safe deposit box.  Officer James Pauciello refuses to return the records.  In plain simple language they forged the deed, then they paid the tax lien.

They should have paid the tax lien first and then forged the deed.  Then they would acquire title by fraud.  I then would have to quiet title to get the property back  They get  absolutely nothing in a forgery.  This is the last line that was referred to above.

The Committee Deed reads as follows:  “Whereas by a Judgment of Foreclosure by Sale rendered on August 7, 2000.”   Whereas said sale has been ratified and confirmed by Said Superior Court, which appears in the file on record in action in said Superior Court to which reference is hereby made.  We have two deeds that were forged, the Committee Deed and the Warranty Deed and Mail Fraud when Frank Grisanti gave a improper address.

The above was a letter to Sally Mackenzie, Chief Clerk at the Fairfield Probate Court, Sullivan Independence Hall, 725 Old Post Road Fairfield, Conn    Received OCT 02, 2018, Fairfield Probate Court

The above was submitted by Frank D. Palumbo, P O Box 418, Easton, Conn 06612
(475) 210-8223, palumbo.francis7@gmail.com, which included 7 Exhibits. Please
contact Frank Palumbo at the above address if you would like to see the Exhibits





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