I Couldn’t Believe That My Sister Was Dead

On September 27, 2014, a friend of my brother, Michael had stopped to have a conversation with me, I didn’t recognize Michael, he was completely bald.  Michael had asked how I was doing. I told him I was doing fine.  He said you know that your sister Claudia died.  I said I didn’t know that she had died.  He said yes she had died and was cremated.  I didn’t believe him, how could she be dead and be cremated.  Don Cassette had said that she had a heart attack and died and was cremated.  I couldn’t believe that my sister was dead.  My nephew Harry Rivera never called to let me know that his mother had died. I asked Michael when did she die, he said she died on July 15, 2014.  My brother Robert had not called to let me know that my sister was dead and was cremated.  I never called Robert, I did go to Angie Michaud’s home, Angie had said she had been sick for a long time and she was lucky to have lived this long.

Sunday September 28, 2014, I had contacted Stephanie McGuire who resides in Easton, Conn, her husband is related to Donald Cossette.  Stephanie McGuire had told me she had been told that Claudia Cossette had complained of being ill for two days and felt uncomfortable and died two day later.  Donald Cossette returned home and found Claudia Cossette Dead, very similar to the death of Shirley Adams.

This is going to be published even though I had not completed this new post.

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