We Could Honor and Pay Tribut To Treyvon Martin and Michael Brown By Barring all Forms of Solitary Confinement

Letter Sen to:

John Forbes Kerry                                Eric Holder, Jr.
Secretary of State Attorney General
United States of America Executive Office For United States
2201 C Street Attorney, United States Department of Justice
Washington, D.C. 20520 950 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W. Room 4400
Washington, D.C. 20530
July 30, 2015

Re: We Could Honor and Pay Tribute to Treyvon Martin and Michael Brown by barring all Forms of Solitary Confinement at the Federal and State Level, and Military

Dear Secretary of State John Forbes Kerry and Attorney General Eric Holder, Jr:

It is unconstitutional, cruel and unusual punishment in violation of the Constitution, solitary confinement prisoners can be placed in these units for many reasons; as punishment while they are under investigation, as a mechanism for behavior modification, when suspected of gang involvement; as retribution for political activism, or to fill expensive empty beds. Many of the prisoners are in Solitary Confinement for the same crimes that were committed by other members of society. I am not referring to George Zimmerman or OJ Simpson, they were both acquitted. I would have requested a Federal Pardon for OJ Simpson, if President Barack Obama had jurisdiction, only the Governor of the state where he had been convicted could grant a pardon. OJ Simpson doesn’t belong in jail for the second trial he was framed. For the first trial OJ Simpson was racing down the freeway in his Ford Bronco for fear of being killed by the person who had killed Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. I didn’t witness the escape on TV; however, it should be obvious to anyone that someone was chasing after OJ Simpson. Why would he be racing down the freeway? Millions of people witnessed OJ Simpson racing down the freeway. Most people don’t have common sense, if someone is racing down the freeway, then someone is chasing after him.

Systematic Policies and Conditions of Control and Oppression Used in isolation and
Segregation include:
(1) Confinement behind solid steel door for 23 hours.
(2) Limited contact with other human beings.
(3) Infrequent phone calls and rare non-contact family visits.
(4) Extremely limited access to rehabilitative or educational programing.
(5) Grossly inadequate medical and mental health treatment.
(6) Restricted reading material and personal property.
(7) Physical torture such as hog-tying, restraint chairs, and forced cell extraction.
(8) Mental torture such as sensory deprivation, permanent bright lighting.
extreme temperatures, and forced insomnia.
(9) Sexual intimidation and violence.

Solitary Confinement can be classified as isolation, Control Units, Super max prisons,
the Hole, SHUs Administrative Segregation, Maximum Security, or permanent lock downs

George Zimmerman shot and killed Treyvon Martin, in self-defense in accordance with Florida Law, “Stand Your Ground.” As far as I am concerned, this is GROUNDS FOR MEMORALIZING THE DEATH OF TREYVON MARTIN and MICHAEL BROWN. There have been numerous attempts upon my life by the police and the mafia. This has been going on for thirty years. The police, the mafia and members of the family have been trying to extort money. I have been living in a truck for over thirteen years, while strangers are occupying my property through forgery, extortion and larceny. I have been denied my inheritance from the Estate and Revocable Trust of Joseph F. Santoiana, Jr. a Former Regional Director for the FBI in Tampa, Florida. The Honorable Joseph Ganim of Bridgeport Probate Court and the former Honorable John Chiota Trumbull Probate Court had confiscated my inheritance from the Estate of Edward Koenig resident of Bridgeport, Conn. These denials of my inheritances have been brought about by false lies by members of the family and the mafia and police. The State and local police have kept me awake for more than twenty years. during the time I had bee living in my home and living and sleeping in a truck.

I had Stopped the Financial Crisis in 2008 and 2009, Released Hundreds of Detainees from Guantanamo Bay Cuba and Should be Awarded the Noble Peace Prize.

I prepared an eBook for publishing on How I Had Stopped the Financial Crisis in 2008 and 2009, Released Hundreds of Detainees from Guantanamo Bay Cuba starting on December 16, 2006. You could go into my website fdpalumbo.wordpress.com. I have fourteen posts, the last Post prior to this Post I will offer a 10% payment of the gross sales of the eBook to the unemployed Spanish, Greeks and Italian youths.

I attempted to stop the imprisonment of young black students who were sexually mistreated while in adult prisons in Maryland. I complained to Governor O’Malley for attempting to build a $100 Million dollar prison for teenagers. This $100 Million dollars should be spent for improving social programs for the students. Allegedly the Maryland Police attempted to inflict injury during my travels to South Carolina for objecting to false imprisonment of black students. On my return trip to Connecticut during Hurricane August 28, 2011, employees placed an object in the road at the entrance to the Baltimore Tunnel. I was forced into the first tunnel in order to hit the object. The workers who changed the tires wanted to know if we had mafia in Connecticut. Told the workers that my cousin was in the mafia and working with the police. This was the third time they placed the object on I95 in Maryland. In July 2014 of this year a flat-bed truck tried to ram my truck as I approached the I195 Bridge in Maryland that was under construction, I had to drive to the right of the vehicle in front of me. On August 8, 2014 I experienced another Hit and Run Accident at the George Washington Bridge at 8:00 AM while returning back to Conn, my driver’s license and ATM Card was stolen the day before. On August 14, 2014, the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey police issued a false accident report on New York License plate no XY233Z.

Because we are still living in the Dark Ages and what happened to Treyvon Martin, to President Barack Obama, and recently to Michael Brown, we should force the police out of the dark ages. And allow us to become value producers so that we can obtain economic growth and prosperity throughout the world. And stop this barbarians. I recommend that we break away from this Barbarianism and issue a Second Emancipation Proclamation to Free All Slaves who are held in Solitary Confinement. There are approximately 80,000 people in solitary confinement in the United States, the majorities are in California, and we are still practicing slavery in this country in violation of the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.
A strong argument in favor of eliminating or barring Solitary Confinement; it is a (Prison within a Prison) and 80% are black. Another form of Segregation in violation of Civil Rights Laws, in Wilkerson v. Utah, 99 U.S. 130, 135 (1878) “and the amendment was to preserve the basic concept . . . (of) the dignity of man by assuring that the power to impose punishment is exercised within the limits of civilized standards.”

I am not submitting this request and relying on previous legislation and civil rights laws (e.g. Brown v. Board of Education, the Supreme Court’s Unanimous decision on May 17, 1954, it held that school segregation violated the Equal Protection and due process clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment; the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin, or Plessy v. Fergurson, which held that segregation purported to be “separate but equal” was constitutional; or the Civil Rights Act of 1968, or Title 42 Section 1982, Property Rights of Citizens, which was enacted by Congress, authorized y Section 2 of the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution), however, I am submitting this request to enact the Second Emancipation Proclamation to end all forms of segregation and end the practice of slavery and barbarianism through Solitary Confinement and memorialize, the deaths of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. Many of these prisoners in Solitary Confinement committed acts similar to George Zimmerman.

Thank you in advance for your kind response. Very truly yours

FD Palumbo
P O Box 418
Easton, CT 06612
203 293-3807

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